Symposium of Greek Gastronomy

In July 25, 2015 the Meal was presented at the 3rd Symposium of Greek Gastronomy in the small village of  Karanou on the Island of Crete, Greece. The symposium titled “Over a Hot Stove: Women in the Kitchen” considered issues involving the relationships between women, cooking and power, gender role expectations and issues of race and class from the earliest times to the latest. The Meal was presented through a video montage of the performances at the archaeological space of Koutroulou Magoula and different restaurants, followed by a discussion with the audience.

The Symposia of Greek Gastronomy are biennial, weekend-long meetings  devoted to all aspects of Greek food and drink, including those related to: Art, media, literature, culture, economy, environment, ethnicity, gender, geography, history, identity, knowledge, local food systems, philosophy and ethics, politics and policies, society, research methodology, technology, etc.

The Symposia encourage cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue and welcome people from a variety of backgrounds. However, despite their serious purpose, they have slightly informal character. Such gatherings can be marvelously enjoyable. Spectacular meals prepared by women and men from local communities are an important component of them.