A performance on vesture around the Bronze Age Settlement of Koimisis, on Therasia Island.

With the support of the Prehistoric Therasia Archaeological Project and the Greek National Museum of Contemporary Art

The site-specific community performance Gavdos: The House, and a series of Installations around the Bronze Age building at Katalymata.

Part of the University of Crete’s Gavdos Island Interdisciplinary Research Project.

Site-specific community work around the neolithic tell-site of Koutroulou Magoula. It has led to six performances, starting with The Meal in 2012.

Part of the Koutroulou Magoula Archaeology & Archaeological Ethnography Project

A man narrates for 20 minutes stories using a small portable microphone/speaker. Stories from the past, the present and the future of the site.

Part of the Kalaureia Research Program of the Swedish Institute at Athens

Performances, workshops and educational programs