House (2012)

A piece on houses and domestic memories, performed by local teenagers and student archaeologists.

28 Days (2017)

A performative journal of the student archaeologists trained in Koutroulou Magoula. The experience of the archaeological field and the summer daily routine in Neo Monastiri and Vardali

Routes (2018)

A dive into place names and local memories, and an imaginary route with the excavation of Koutroulou Magoula as a starting point, by performer and archaeologist Elektra Angelopoulou.

Women (2019)

Eleven women from Vardali and Neo Monastiri, the villages next to the excavation, and performer and archaeologist Elektra Angelopoulou shared local female memories with the public, using the neolithic figurines found there as a starting point.

CLOTHES (2022)

A presentation of our performance on vesture and its diachronic meanings, as an on-stage dialogue with a local seamstress.

A performance on language, alterity and mis/communication – and an open letter to the local community of Koutroulou Magoula