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The Host and the Ghost

First presented at Tabakalera, International Centre for Contemporary in San Sebastián

“In the installation The Host and the Ghost (2018), the mise-en-scène is structured through a juxtaposition of found and constructed objects with contextual references -more direct of invisible- about the island of Gavdos, the archaeological findings of its excavation and its natural environment. The objects developed in the immersive environment are contextualized by their linguistic description as narrated in the video of the installation. Theou “performs” archaeology incorporating the enunciative power of language: he reproduces verbally a schematic typology of the established documentation system of archeological finds developed for the excavation site of Gavdos. The absurdity of this attempt- to describe the objects of the installation through an archaeological classification system- suggests a subversion of the rigidity of the epistemological norms and underpinnings of the discipline.

In order to describe their practice, Meijas and Theou have recourse to the terms “host” and “ghost” introduced by Mike Pearson and James McLucas in their analysis on the site-specific theatre as metaphors of the two notions of “place” and “event”. The coexistence of “host” and “ghost” –the spatial and of the temporal aspects of the work-, can be observed in their collaborative practice: a transition from site and audience-specific praxis to a context-specific work through an interdisciplinary approach that undermines established principles and offers new formulations.”

(Tina Pandi 2020, ‘Exercises in flowing archaeologies. On the work of Cristina Mejías with Efthimis Theou’, in C. Mejias (ed.), Gozo. You Can’t Leave Fingerprints on Stone, Madrid and San Sebastien, 62-63)

See also: http://cristina-mejias.com/thehostandtheghost/