An Other History

Presented in 2018, as part of the «La Tierra Tiembla» exhibition in Espacio de las Artes, Tenerife

“At the core of the installation An Other History is the local mythology an archaeology of the Gavdos Island and its inhabitants. The narration in the video activates lost cultural memories and unfolds ambiguous narratives, haunted stories and marginalized memories as well as their cultural afterlife “Maybe, in the old days, centuries ago, there was a tribe living in Gavdos and the people were three meters high. They have all died and what’s left of them are their ghosts” is narrated in one of the stories. The work attempts to construct an archaeology of obscure narratives and indigenous mythologies that oscillates between reality and fiction”

(Tina Pandi 2020, ‘Exercises in flowing archaeologies. On the work of Cristina Mejías with Efthimis Theou’, in C. Mejias (ed.), Gozo. You Can’t Leave Fingerprints on Stone, Madrid and San Sebastien, 62)

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