A Peformance-Archaeology Space

created by Efthimis Theou

A new space

We created a digital space for the meeting of theatre and archaeology!
We want to share with you our creative process and our meetings with the communities around the excavations and the archaeological material.
Feel free to share our content and help us communicate the idea of an alternative archaeology, embodied and personal. And of a theatre that is created on the streets, away from theatre stages and among the people.


A performance on vesture, based on the finds from the Bronze Age settlement of “Koimisis”. A vivid testimony of the inhabitants of the small island of Therasia.


Gavdos: The House

A performance around the Bronze Age building at Katalymata, Gavdos Island. A narration on the diachronic presence of houses and their meanings.


The Meal

A performance about food and feasting, centering around the Neolithic tell-site of Koutroulou Magoula in Central Greece.


A few words about our journey from 2008 until now.


Texts, pictures and videos around our wok